The best food in Basel | évaluation: 6.0
Yoya Pitabar, Bâle

Jonty D. évalué le 24.08.20

The best food in Basel

(6,0 / 6) Évaluation globale

From my first visit last year, Yoya has been my go-to place when I want to eat out. The quality of the produce exceeds anything else on offer in Basel. The Hummus is deliciously creamy, the falafel is perfectly seasoned. You can see each item being prepared to-order - freshness is guarunteed! I've sampled the entire menu and each item has exceeded my expectations. I am an avid meat-eater. Yoya has converted me into a boarder-line vegetarian! The food is consistently excellent and is authentic to the point that I'm transported to Israel with every bite! I usually eat at Yoya at least once every week. I highly reccomend a visit to Yoya Pita Bar in Klara!

  • Ambiance
  • nourriture / boissons
  • Service

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