Hirschengraben 45/47, 6003, Lucerne





Ambiance 6,0
Nourriture & Boissons 6,0
Service 6,0
Couple 6,0
Famille 6,0
Amis 6,0
Professionnel 6,0
Seul 5,9
Amazing service and food
6,0 Marina C. évalué le 27.09.22

it’s really nice, amazing service, the twins are so nice i always come here on sunday with my friends.

Trip to see the family
6,0 Codrin A. évalué le 27.09.22

Had a fabulous breakfast great food and brilliant service highly recommend. Fantastic menu for all and select is amazing. Great portions and food delicious.

Excellent food, excellent service
6,0 Larisa P. évalué le 27.09.22

Food was good and the service was excilent. It was possible to sit indoor and outdoor. The prices look fine, possible to pay by card.

Sunday Breakfast
6,0 Carmen H. évalué le 27.09.22

Love this cafe! Very cosy, 10/10 customer service and friendly staff. Delicious breakfast! All together 10/10. Definitely will keep visiting.

Great brunch and very nice staff
6,0 Sanziana C. évalué le 27.09.22

Great brunch with very good portions. Very nice staff. We had a really good Time for our last morning in Luzern. An adress to remember!

Best place in Luzern
6,0 Dinel V. évalué le 27.09.22

Love love love this place. Amazing service and the best proper cooked entrecote in Luzern. Never disappoints.

Amazing food
6,0 Adina V. évalué le 27.09.22

Superb quality! Friendly staff! Really nice burgers. 100% recommended.

Top brunch
6,0 Marin B. évalué le 27.09.22

Good food, good, very friendly service and decent value. Provided exactly what we needed.

Great a la carte brunch
6,0 Bodo A. évalué le 27.09.22

Woow we had a wonderful experience here. The breakfast was just yummy cant wait to come back agian….

Went for breakfast
6,0 Angela M. évalué le 27.09.22

Went together to have breakfast after having searched all over the place for a brunch spot. Great service, personnel is very friendly and kind. Great food and very filling. Best service I've had in a while.

Great experience !
6,0 Sophi I. évalué le 26.09.22

My wife and I ate here one night after a long day of sightseeing. The restaurant was full but they managed to find 2 more seats. The staff was extremely attentive and greeted us warmly! Delicious food!

6,0 Dinin I. évalué le 26.09.22

Wonderful service and very delicious food. I'll be back for sure!!!

Amazing lunch break
6,0 Matei B. évalué le 26.09.22

Amazing food. Great service. Excellent prices and value. Great staff and a really lovely atmosphere throughout the lunch-time we ate here. Really looking forward to eating here again. Thank you ❤️

Antons waffle burger
6,0 Joye S. évalué le 26.09.22

What could they do from one burger? Three different types of sauces, perfectly matched with wagyu meat, it is totally insane nice!!

Highly recommend!
6,0 Lucy S. évalué le 26.09.22

They have the hospitality in the blood! We had totally a great time with them! Very nice service team and helping each other!

Sunday brunch
6,0 Ronni M. évalué le 26.09.22

For a table of two we spent 50 francs with one dish of each of us for brunch and waffle to share! Totally worth and high quality!

100% wagyu
6,0 Paolo G. évalué le 26.09.22

Being a chef back home, I was literally surprised by their wagyu beef burger! Really nice quality and mix of flavors!

Very nice barbera house wine
6,0 Dimitrie H. évalué le 26.09.22

Nice food, great staff, very welcoming place! Will be back very soon hope so!

Chef’s choice dessert
6,0 Sandri Y. évalué le 26.09.22

Highly recommend the apricot white chocolate dessert! It is an amazing plate full of flavors!!

Great time
6,0 Petrescu G. évalué le 26.09.22

We went for my birthday in Antons! They made me feel so special! Thank you to the team for everything!

Beef tartar
6,0 Frandy D. évalué le 26.09.22

I usually don’t use to eat raw meat but this tartar made us to order a second portion! It is absolutely a must try!

Such a lovely evening!
6,0 Gabriel P. évalué le 26.09.22

Very delightful and enjoyable evening! Thank you to Ilinca for the mussels recommendations that are fresh in the wine sauce, delicious and the homemade bread, absolutely fabulous!

6,0 Brandusa A. évalué le 26.09.22

I loved the service, Antonis especially, he was so nice and welcoming, the food was 10/10 too, would definitely come again

Wines by glass
6,0 Madalina S. évalué le 26.09.22

They have a great variety of wines that can be offered by glass with the coravin. The first place I saw in Luzern with this!

Royal eggs must try
6,0 Rodnic H. évalué le 26.09.22

If you craving a brunch like you would have in Amsterdam/London, Antons is the place to be! Very nice and wide options! And everything is served on home made bread! Great prices as well!!