Hirschengraben 45/47, 6003, Lucerne





Ambiance 6,0
Nourriture & Boissons 6,0
Service 6,0
Couple 6,0
Famille 6,0
Amis 6,0
Professionnel 6,0
Seul 5,9
Wagyu Burger a must try!!!
6,0 Sorina N. évalué le 18.07.22

Amazing home-made wagyu burgers and delicious sauces!!! Signature food and the cocktails are great!

Amazing dinner
6,0 Ramona A. évalué le 18.07.22

I had a very wonderful dinner with my family! Really recommend it!

Mother’s Birthday
6,0 Sorin A. évalué le 18.07.22

It was a fantastic night and special thanks to the whole team that made my mom’s birthday unforgettable! Tasty food, really friendly and passionate hospitable service! We can’t wait to be back! Keep up the amazing work, you doinfg amazing!

6,0 Laima o. évalué le 18.07.22

Very different, very surprising, very adventurous, very good. Definitely will visit again when in LUZERN. Highly recommended.

6,0 Alexandru D. évalué le 18.07.22

I enjoyed every moment I spend with my family in this restaurant. Food was amazing and the service was perfect. I would definitely recommended it!!

Amazing experience at Antons
6,0 Tudor D. évalué le 18.07.22

We had an amazing evening at Antons! I was there with family and friends for dinner after my Bachelors’ graduation. The service was great, very careful and professional. The beef steak was very tasty and we stayed long after our dinner in the garden, where we were served amazing drinks! I will return there anytime I am back in Luzern. Thanks a lot Ilinca and Miruna for your hospitality! You ladies are great and passionate

Very good
6,0 Daniela D. évalué le 18.07.22

Service was amazing and I had one of the best steaks ever!

6,0 Sara C. évalué le 18.07.22

We were impressed by their wine card. Very fair prices for what they offer.

6,0 Christos P. évalué le 18.07.22

Very interesting signature burgers and quality products. Everything home made!

Adam likes the Antons both of them very much!
6,0 Dominik K. évalué le 17.07.22

The title was my review...........................

Amazing experience
6,0 Mark H. évalué le 17.07.22

We had a n amazing experience at the Anton’s. The service was excellent and friendly. The food was very tasty and the athmosphere was very welcoming.

Super Restaurant
6,0 Oliver J. évalué le 17.07.22

Immer fröhliche Gastgeber,super Bedienung,Essen ist immer sehr lecker und abwechslungsreich dank der immer wechselden Menuekarte.Das Tartar ist der Hammer!!

Best Restaurant
6,0 Sam A. évalué le 17.07.22

Super Service und extrem freundlich, das Essen ist sehr fein.

A place to be
6,0 Ilinca A. évalué le 15.07.22

Will be back for sure! The service was amazing and the menu offers a lot of choices

Great place
6,0 Ineta M. évalué le 15.07.22

Colourful and exciting food, lovely staff and atmosphere. Will be coming back!

Amazing food, service and atmosphere
6,0 Matej M. évalué le 15.07.22

This restaurant has exceeded all our expectations, amazing food with an interesting twist, very pleasant service which combined with the food created an enjoyable experience.

Sehr gutes Essen
6,0 Isabel W. évalué le 15.07.22

Das Essen ist jedes Mal köstlich. Immer wechselnde Karte und neue Ideen und Gerichte. Ich liebe den Chocolate Fendant . Einfach zum dahin schmelzen. Leckere Burgers und Risotto.

amazing experience
6,0 Gabrielius A. évalué le 15.07.22

I was literally surprised not only by the unique and signature burgers but also the service that they provide.

Innovative Burgers
6,0 Miruna A. évalué le 15.07.22

Pleasant ambiance, helpful and very friendly service, tasty fresh and homemade food. Great concept and beautiful, cozy location!

Familien Brunch
6,0 Antonios T. évalué le 15.07.22

Wir haben für 12 Personen zum Brunch reserviert und sind begeistert. Das ganze ANTONS Team hat sich sehr ins Zeug gelegt um unseren Spezialwünschen gerecht zu werden. Der ganzen Familie hat das Essen geschmeckt und wir hatten einen wundervollen Sonntag bei ANTONS. Vielen Dank für eure Bemühungen!

Amazing Family Dinner
6,0 Shchyrova U. évalué le 15.07.22

We had an incredible dinning experience in Antons. Congratulations to the whole team and wish them good luck for the competition! everything is home-made and the food really went beyond any expectations! Friendly and very attentive service also.