Hirschengraben 45/47, 6003, Luzern





Ambiente 6,0
Essen & Getränke 6,0
Service 6,0
Paar 6,0
Familie 6,0
Freunde 6,0
Geschäftlich 6,0
Allein 5,9
6,0 Lavinia L. bewertet am 26.09.22

Fantastic friendly service and great value, menu has lots of options. Full of locals which is a sure sign of quality / value.

6,0 Sandra L. bewertet am 26.09.22

Newly open place but very good so far! Very nice quality and delicious burgers!

A place with love
6,0 Cristian M. bewertet am 26.09.22

Behind this restaurant you can see that there is a team like family that put their love in each dish that they serve. Rarely I saw such a hospitality!

6,0 Lucian A. bewertet am 26.09.22

Hungover, starving and on my way to work, this place came over the horizon like a glimmering oasis and gave me that boost+ a great vibe.

6,0 Mihaela C. bewertet am 26.09.22

A place that leaves you a nice touch of what signature dishes, drinks means. Everything fresh and homemade as well!

Great food
6,0 Gabi C. bewertet am 26.09.22

Great food and lovely staff. highly recommended. Fantastic swiss breakfast and brunch. I come here every time I'm in Luzern.

Paradise of tastes
6,0 Patrice P. bewertet am 26.09.22

We were four people and we took 4 different burgers. Each burger tasted magnificent! Great job to the chef from behind the name!

6,0 Maurice H. bewertet am 26.09.22

From the entrance you don’t see the terrace that they have in the back! Wonderful! Nice music as well!

Fantastic food, great service
6,0 Marcel G. bewertet am 26.09.22

Visited here for the first time and had two burgers. They were delicious, would 100% recommend!!!

High quality service
6,0 Beatrice O. bewertet am 26.09.22

We were treated very nice and the service is very well prepared! Very nice cocktails as well!

Best place in Luzern
6,0 Anisia N. bewertet am 26.09.22

If you are looking for a super friendly team and an exquisite brunch deal... look no further! This place, which is easily reachable is indeed a brilliant option, with a lovely vibe.

6,0 Andrei M. bewertet am 26.09.22

Very cozy, relaxing and friendly environment. The menu was explained in details, wine was by recommendation, I have to say that was a very nice one!

Amazing place!
6,0 Sofia A. bewertet am 26.09.22

A few of my friends and I popped in and were in a massive rush. The waiter was so kind and helpful and we received our food within minutes ! The price was very good as well! Thank you again!

High hospitality
6,0 Paula E. bewertet am 26.09.22

Even with full house, the service is making sure that everything is alright by each table, the food came on time, amazing culinary experience!

Wonderful experience!
6,0 Bogdana M. bewertet am 26.09.22

I ordered the crab burger. It was absolutely delicious. Gabriel (the kitchen chef) is a legend! The staff were friendly. The place was clean and the food was top notch. I cannot wait to visit again. Five stars!!!

Nicely surprised
6,0 Handain M. bewertet am 26.09.22

We stopped by randomly but were very nicely surprised to see that a place can offer so much!

6,0 Tiberiu D. bewertet am 26.09.22

First class establishment . 😊 Lot's of variety from the menu . Also home cooked . Brilliant atmosphere . Belly happy . P.s. Thanks to the owner for the xtra Ice cream on the lava cake!

Best service
6,0 Artemisa D. bewertet am 26.09.22

Had a wonderful experience, the food was amazing and the service was phenomenal. Miruna was so welcoming!

A place to dine in
6,0 Viorel P. bewertet am 26.09.22

I've been a few times now and always can't wait to go again. 1st class service, reception, food and experience. The owners are the best people you could hope to be hosted by.

Excellent service!!!
6,0 Raluca g. bewertet am 26.09.22

Lovely breakfast and staff very friendly and welcoming, portion sizes not too overwhelming. Orange juice is freshly squeezed no carton rubbish.

6,0 Daria P. bewertet am 26.09.22

The brunch was AMAZING! We had the swiss breakfast, chicken wraps and the royal eggs and everything was incredible, all the flavors were there. Also (and no less important) the staff is very welcoming and friendly. Highly recommended experience!

Can’t wait to come back
6,0 Virginica S. bewertet am 26.09.22

Superb food & great service from Antonis!! Best brunch in Luzern! Would definitely recommend. Absolutely love it.

wines by glass
6,0 Ciprian B. bewertet am 26.09.22

Very nice wine variety, especially that they offer expensive bottles by glass as well!!

Great place
6,0 Nicoleta C. bewertet am 26.09.22

Fantastic food, a varied menu, great prices and friendly and accommodating staff. I would highly recommend that anyone interested especially in burgers!

Thank you Antonis
6,0 Ana F. bewertet am 26.09.22

Amazing food and wonderful service from Halil. My friend and I had a tasty breakfast and a lovely time sitting outside the cafe in the morning sunshine.